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The motor arrived for Central pool.  A final inspection will occur ar 9:00 this morning and the pool should be ready to reopen with lifeguards at 10:00 this morning (5/14/2022).  Thank you for your patience.
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Central pool will remain closed until at least tomorrow, Saturday, May 14, 2022 as the new motor is scheduled to be installed in morning.  Homeowners should follow alerts on Facebook and on the News section of Summerwoodlife’s home page. 
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Harris County Flood Control District’s Prioritization Plan 
Dear Friends,

As we wrap up this year and prepare for 2022, I want to take a moment to recognize all that we have accomplished together this year. It has not been the easiest year for many of us, our communities, or our country. And yet, we have so much to be proud of and to be inspired by as we look to the year ahead.

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act passed in March, we have an opportunity to make transformational investments in housing, community health, childcare, and our local economy. Harris County will receive over $900 million in federal funding. These funds represent a unique opportunity to ensure that those hit hardest by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can continue to recover, and we can address other long-standing disparities.

We are also advocating for all Harris County residents to get our fair share of resources—and make sure that the people most affected by flooding and highways have a say in how projects are developed. Our flood equity prioritization framework ensures that historically neglected communities are no longer discriminated against, and that our community’s future will not hinge on outdated federal formulas.

To strengthen that process, Commissioners Court recently voted to send a modified Harris County Flood Control District’s Prioritization Framework for the 2018 bond program to the Community Flood Resilience Task Force for review and input.

When approved by Commissioners, the refined guidelines will protect those hardest hit and least resilient to frequent flooding events. While this would not correct all the inequities and discrimination in disaster protection and recovery, it’s another significant step toward addressing them.

Thank you all for sharing our vision of a county that cares for everyone by protecting health and safety and providing equity for all our communities.

I hope you are taking the time to rest and recharge when possible. With COVID-19 rates surging again because of the Omicron variant, I want to urge you to protect your friends and family by getting vaccinated. And if you are vaccinated, take time to get a booster shot. Visit or call 832-927-8787 to find the vaccine center nearest to you.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

Rodney Ellis
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MUD 342, 344 and 361 of Summerwood are proud to announce our partnering with HC Precinct One to provide 1.5 miles of new sidewalks, trails, and related crossings to improve connectivity within the neighborhood and to Deussen Park
This project provides:
sidewalks and trails along Deussen Pkwy
signals at Deussen Pkwy and WLHP
new crossings at Deussen Pkwy & Sunny Heath Ln, Summerstorm Ln, Sunland Gardens Ln. and Misty Cloud Ln.
We are pleased to have been chosen to partner with the County to help improve our neighborhood.  The County will also provide more streetlights along Deussen Pkwy.
When The Army Corp of Engineers approves our application for putting sidewalks where the wetlands are along WLHP, we will proceed to complete that project.
The MUDs will continue to partner with the County to make other improvements in our neighborhood if we are chosen.