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Connecting Communities!
Posted on June 30, 2021 11:00 AM by Admin
Categories: General
MUD 342, 344 and 361 of Summerwood are proud to announce our partnering with HC Precinct One to provide 1.5 miles of new sidewalks, trails, and related crossings to improve connectivity within the neighborhood and to Deussen Park
This project provides:
sidewalks and trails along Deussen Pkwy
signals at Deussen Pkwy and WLHP
new crossings at Deussen Pkwy & Sunny Heath Ln, Summerstorm Ln, Sunland Gardens Ln. and Misty Cloud Ln.
We are pleased to have been chosen to partner with the County to help improve our neighborhood.  The County will also provide more streetlights along Deussen Pkwy.
When The Army Corp of Engineers approves our application for putting sidewalks where the wetlands are along WLHP, we will proceed to complete that project.
The MUDs will continue to partner with the County to make other improvements in our neighborhood if we are chosen.