In partnership with the Summerwood community, Harris County Precinct 3 is dedicated to providing effective law enforcement services. Precinct 3 has a longstanding contract with Summerwood.  Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to hold in person Crime Watch meetings, but every effort is being made to ensure that information is being shared between law enforcement and the community. 
Here is a recording from last week from a brief discussion with Captain Ganey of Precinct 3.  Click HERE
We are working to provide answers to your questions.  Please stay informed as additional information is provided via the website and email.  If you would like to report a crime online, please visit the Precinct 3 Constables website by clicking  HERE
Click on “Report A Crime” Icon: Then enter your concern on the See Something Say Something Form.  They may also be called at 281- 427- 4791.
                                                                          Summerwood Q & A February 2021 
                                                                                      By Captain Ganey
Q: This use to be a fairly quiet neighborhood. What happened?
A: Your Community is still a relatively quiet area. But you have grown to include large scale retail stores nearby and other shopping centers nearby, which increases growth in traffic, commuters, and others just traversing nearby for employment.      
Q: It feels like there are major crimes happening in Summerwood every week.  Is this true?
A: Summerwood is a small community that is actively involved through FB and other means of communication, which does more harm than good. While some isolated incidents occurred in the area, it’s not proven to be the norm for your Community.  
Q: Is Covid the reason we see an increase in crime?
A: It depends on who you ask. It’s challenging to make a sweeping assumption from a statistical standpoint even after one year of living in a COVID-19 world.  But there are consistent signs across the Houston area and the country that certain crimes have seen jumps during the global pandemic.  The most significant increases we have seen involved the use of weapons, mainly shooting incidents.
Q: I rarely see the Deputies. Are they still patrolling our Community?
A: Yes, our Deputies are still patrolling your Community. They are very active throughout their shifts; I speak for the Agency as a whole when I say that Constable Eagleton is very involved in the day to day operation of Pct 3. We are currently training new Deputies for our Patrol Division to assist contract Deputies with their duties. We are determined to hire and train the best for our Agency and the Community.
Q: Is Summerwood experiencing an increase in number of crimes committed?
A: This question has to be answered with an appropriate explanation, and yes we are seeing an increase in the number of crimes committed.  As Summerwood continues to grow so does the commercial districts and with that comes an increase in number of crimes committed.   As the overall increases are mainly in the commercial district and the apartment complexes due to the higher volume of traffic in these areas.   The second part is the types of crimes being reported and the use of weapons in the commission of these crimes.
Q: How do Summerwood crime stats compare to surrounding communities?
A: Summerwood crime stats compared to other communities show that most of the criminal activities are increasing in other communities as well.  Summerwood's are actually lower in some types of crimes reported compared to others.  For example the burglary to motor vehicles show to be pretty consistent with other communities in the area, going only with the numbers reported in the residential portion of Summerwood, while for the same time frame Summerwood had only 4 burglaries of a habitation in 2020 compared to other comparable subdivision in the area showing from 10 to 14 residential burglaries during this same time frame.   Summerwood also shows a lower crime rate in thefts and criminal mischief as compared to other area communities.
Q: Are we safe living in this neighborhood?
A: Yes, I feel the residents are safe living in Summerwood.   Unfortunately there are no crime free communities.  I wish we could guarantee the residents that they would never be the victim of a crime but we all know that is unrealistic and unobtainable for any community.  However for the number of residents and the amount of criminal activity coupled with the law enforcement coverage provided by the Harris County Pct. 3 Constable Office, The Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriffs’ Office, residents fare much better than other areas.
Q: Do you have any safety tips for us? 
A: Residents are encouraged to remain aware of your surroundings, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLES SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON GUNS.  Report any suspicious vehicles, persons and activity.