In partnership with the Summerwood community, Harris County Precinct 3 is dedicated to providing effective law enforcement services. Precinct 3 has a longstanding contract with Summerwood.  Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to hold in person Crime Watch meetings, but every effort is being made to ensure that information is being shared between law enforcement and the community. 
Here is a recording from last week from a brief discussion with Captain Ganey of Precinct 3.  Click HERE
We are working to provide answers to your questions.  Please stay informed as additional information is provided via the website and email.  If you would like to report a crime online, please visit the Precinct 3 Constables website by clicking  HERE
Click on “Report A Crime” Icon: Then enter your concern on the See Something Say Something Form.  They may also be called at 281- 427- 4791.
Fireworks and celebrations go together, especially during the holiday season. But fireworks can be dangerous when used improperly, causing serious burn and eye injuries. That’s why the Harris County Fire Marshal strongly recommends that you: LEAVE FIREWORKS TO THE PROFESSIONALS! . If celebrating with fireworks is legal in your area, and you decide to use them, follow these safety tips HERE.
                                                                          Summerwood Q & A May 2021 
                                                                                      By Captain Ganey
Q. If I catch suspicious activity on my Ring cameras, how do I send that information to the police.
A. If a homeowner should catch any suspicious activity on ring cameras or other video surveillance, we encourage them to contact The Constable Office.   We will dispatch a deputy to assist with reviewing and when needed, downloading any videos onto the appropriate device.    Homeowner input regarding video surveillance has proven to be an asset in the identification and prosecution of several crimes committed in the area.
Q. Why do we have Precinct 3 in our community, and does it really make a difference?
A. Summerwood has Harris County Pct. 3 Constables provided through the contract deputy program. This affords Harris County to assign deputies to patrol strictly in the Summerwood contracted area. Without the contract deputies the law enforcement presence would be greatly diminished within the Summerwood area.   This is due to the strain placed on all law enforcement agencies due to the overall growth and increased commercial and residential areas of unincorporated Harris County.   This reflects in the overall response time to calls for service in the Summerwood area.
Q. There is a deputy that I always see sitting in the parking lot of our clubhouses or the elementary school.  Wouldn’t the community be better served if the police were constantly in motion in our community?
A.  The issue has been brought up about deputies sitting in the club house and at the elementary school.   Pct. 3 Constable Office policy and procedures require all deputies to have their reports and related paperwork completed prior to the end of their assigned shift.   We have taken steps to ensure the deputies also remain visible and in their assigned patrol districts.   Reports can be time consuming and to have a deputy return to the station to complete a report and related paperwork would take the deputy out of their assigned area and thus reduce the response time should a call for service arise.  The locations they choose offer them safety as they have a view in all directions should anyone approach their vehicle while they are completing paperwork. This also allows residents to see them and approach if they should need assistance.  However, if this is an issue, we can have the deputies refrain from these areas.
Q.  I’m experiencing harassment from my neighbor.  What should I do?
A. Any issues which effect a homeowner’s quality of life on any law enforcement related issues we encourage them to call us. Homeowners can remain anonymous by simply having a deputy contact them by phone, just make the request when calling into dispatch. Residents can also call on our “see something say something” tip line.   832-927-8477
Q. My neighbor has a very aggressive dog that often is loose on our street. I’m concerned that my children will be harmed. Should I inform Precinct 3?
A. This comes in association with the above listed information.   Homeowners also encouraged to contact Harris County Animal Control at (281) 999-3191.
Q. Is crime up in Summerwood or are we just hearing more about crime?
A. With the unlimited social media outlets, information regarding criminal activity seems to be more prevalent. This coupled with the continued growth of our communities magnifies the activity.  Social media has also worked in assisting with making people aware of issues within their communities and assisting with combating these issues. I have pulled crime stats for not only Summerwood, but the surrounding areas and Summerwood shows less criminal activity than other comparable communities.
Q. Can the deputies in our community spend more time meeting homeowners?  How do we make that happen?
A. Harris County Pct. 3 Constables’ Office strives to be community oriented and has always attended any events requested including the spring, fall, and National Night Out events. However, with the recent COVID 19 pandemic these activities have been limited. We have participated in Birthday Parades and other activities in compliance with Harris County Mandates put in place by Harris County Commissioners Court. Like everyone else, we look forward to restrictions being lifted and returning to attend these open events.
Q. What is the best safety tip you can share with those of us who live in Summerwood?
A. The best safety tip is to “BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS” get to know your neighbors and report all suspicious activity to local law enforcement.
Click HERE to view Home Safety Tips from Lieutenant Simpson with Precinct 3 Constables' Office.
Tips for Parents

Be proactive – make a backup plan in case the group gets separated during a family outing and have a scheduled meeting place and time.
If your child or teen will be alone a significant amount of time, have him/her check in with you if they plan to leave the house and when they arrive back home.
Monitor Internet and social media activity to establish children and teens are visiting appropriate sites and following guidelines.

Car Safety Tips

Always lock your doors and roll up your windows when you leave your car.
Do not leave valuables in the car. If you must leave prized possessions in your vehicle keep them out of sight or hidden in the trunk.
Before you get into your car, check the backseat and around the car. Lock your doors once inside the car.