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Pool Wristband FAQ

Have questions about how to obtain your new pool passes?
Do we have to get new wristbands every year?
Yes!  Each year you will need to submit a registration form and verify your residency to obtain new wristbands.
How many wristbands can I get?
You are allowed to obtain 1 wristband for each permanent member of your household, up to 6 free.  If you have more than 6 people living in your home then you will be allowed to purchase 2 additional bands at $2 each. Remember that you must show proof of residency for everyone in the household over the age of 18 for which you are requesting a resident wristband for. Acceptable forms of proof of residency include a copy or photo of their driver's license, car insurance,or utility bill.  
What if I have more than 6 people living in my home?
If you have more than 8 people living in your home then you will need to provide proof of every person living in the residence.  Examples are tax records, health insurance cards, court documents showing guardianship, etc. At that time you will be able to purchase the additional bands for $2 each up to the number of household members.
Why do I have to show proof of residency?
Proof of residency is required for obtaining pool wristbands to ensure that bands are only issued to resident's of Summerwood who are in good standing with the Association.
What qualifies as proof of residency?
If your state issued photo id lists your correct name and Summerwood address that is all that is needed.  If your state issued photo id does not have the correct information, then you will need to provide additional information that lists this information.  It could be a utility bill, insurance card (provided it shows the correct information), etc.
What if I have company and we want to go to the pool, do my visitors have to have wristbands?
Yes, all visitors will be signed in with the lifeguards upon entering the pool and will must use one of your guest wristbands.  Residents accompanying visitors MUST have their wristbands for admittance.
How many guests are allowed?
4 guests per address are allowed.
Will I have to get new access cards/key fobs as well?
No, the cards/key fobs you currently have should work.  If they do not work please contact C.I.A. Services to resolve the problem or obtain new cards/key fobs.
What do I do with my old wristbands?
It is up to you.  Since the colors and imprint change every year they are no longer valid for pool admission.  You are welcome to dispose of them in whichever manner you choose, we do however, recommend recycling them!