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Complete Your Home Improvement Application Online!  Click here

It is now easier than ever to complete an application for your home improvement! C.I.A. Services now provides the option to prepare your application from their website. Their system is not a PDF fill in form or a generic data entry screen.  They have created an intelligent and user friendly system that will save you time and effort!

  • Application process is quick and easy to use

  • Requests only information about your specific project

  • Asks all the right questions, avoiding missing information and delays

  • Descriptions and photos of items related to the specific project are provided

  • Applications delivered with the push of a button

  • Confirmation receipt sent with successful submission

  • Provides digital copies of all applications

  • Delivers uniform applications to Associations

  • Applications, color brochures and photos have a crisp, true to life appearance

The system will ask you everything they need to know in order for the committee to make an informed decision so there is less chance for delay due to a return for more information. As soon as you submit an application, it will be in the hands of C.I.A. Services which will also speed up your process.

To complete your application, go to www.ciaservices.com. Select our community under the Find My Community area and then click on Ask. Request. Submit. There you will be told everything that you will need to apply and as soon as you have gathered your information, you are ready to get started.

If you have any questions, please contact C.I.A. Services at CustomerCare@ciaservices.com or at 713-981-9000.