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Storage of Trash Receptcles

New Policy Regarding the Storage of Trash Receptacles:

Exhibit D of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Summerwood contain a guideline regarding the storage of trash receptacles in the Summerwood community.  The guideline reads as follows:

Trash Collection.  All trash and household garbage shall be placed in sanitary refuse containers constructed of metal, plastic, or masonry materials with tight fitting sanitary covers or lids and stored in an area adequately screened from public view by planting or fencing between regularly scheduled collection days.

Unfortunately, the public storage of trash receptacles continues to be our biggest violation with over 3,300 instances so far in 2013.  In an effort to keep Summerwood beautiful and encourage members to follow the guideline, the Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that provides for the levying of fines for continued violations.

The Association shall send each owner with a trash container violation a written notice of the violation with a reasonable deadline to cure the violation.  Should the trash receptacle remain in view after the initial deadline, a notice will be sent to the owner by certified mail.  The certified notice shall describe the violation, the fine(s) and the owner's rights.  The notice will provide a clear and reasonable deadline to cure the violation and avoid the fine.  If the violation is not corrected after the deadline set forth in the certified notice, a fine of $25.00 will be assessed.  Any reoccurrence or additional violations within six month period of the initial notice will result in a second fine of $50.00.

The enforcement of this policy will go into effect January 1, 2014.  A copy of this policy has been posted on the Summerwoodlife website for your review.