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Lost and Found

Welcome to the Lost & Found Section!  

You can post pets or items lost or found in Summerwood anytime of the day or night.  

Simply click on submit comment, and enter the description of the lost or found pet or item.  

Where it asks for location, please enter the area where the animal/item was found or lost.

Be sure to include your contact information. Information will stay on page for 30 days.
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" Found tan male dog running along West Lake Houston Pkwy. Smaller in size. Contact 858-964-8630. "

Houston, TX
" Found small kitten 7/16/2017 in the reserve near Southern Magnolia.  White with distinct markings.  Call 713.302.8450. "

Houson, TX
" In Summerwood; Lost Male Maltese (white with tan Spots) Looks like Benji and very new so may not respond to name - also big tanish spot on top back. Please call 713-204-5567 "

Denise Francis
Houston, TX
" Sorry forgot to send contact information for the black male Cane Corso dog. 337-654-8009 or 337-780-7820. Kids are devastated. Reward if found. Thanks in advance for any help. "

Denise Francis
Houston, TX
" My family has lost their large black cane corso dog. "