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Lost and Found

Welcome to the Lost & Found Section!  

You can post pets or items lost or found in Summerwood anytime of the day or night.  

Simply click on submit comment, and enter the description of the lost or found pet or item.  

Where it asks for location, please enter the area where the animal/item was found or lost.

Be sure to include your contact information. Information will stay on page for 30 days.
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" The black cat is on Cooper’s Hawk Drive. Let me know if you are interested in adopting or know whom the cat belongs to. Thanks.... "

Yolanda Ware
" I've lost mmy Black and Brown Yorkie name Max on 12/05/18. I live on Tallheath Ct and you can reach me at 281-974-6628 if you find him.
Please and Thank you
Yolanda "

Angelo Arolfo
Houston, Tx
" Found one black and one yellow lab.  Located at Twilight Manor Ct.  call 281/468-9784. "

Zawadi Goins
" Lost dog!!!
Friday 11-30-2018 my dog Champ ran away he is Goldador looks like a Labrador he is brown and had a blue collar on he is super friendly, his home is 12822 lady Jane Court if you have him or seen him contact me at 832-370-0480 please help me I really miss him please help him return home "

" Found - kitten - small female orange tabby. Looks to be about 2 months old. Very friendly.
Oxwick at Broncroft 281-787-8436 "

" Friendly black cat hanging out on our porch, and our neighbors' porches over the past week. This female cat must have belonged to someone. Location: Wood Stork... behind Manuel's "

Rubi Contreras
" I lost my dog 🐕 9-10-18 he is short and long his hair is light brown and his name is chocolate does not bring his collar please if someone found it, I live in starcreek ln 713-677-1290 "

Adista Fields
Houston tx
" There was a posting not to long ago here about a large anitolian shepherd male nurtured and a small white female dog shaved. The female is Bella the male is max. We love them both. Please return. Thank you... "

Cynthia Fedock
" Lost large male Anatolian Shepherd neutered. Very friendly wearing black collar. Running with a white female poodle looking dog with large eyebrows. She has a computer chip but not registered. Have been searching for them both for the last 3 days. Just learn tonight they may have been in Summerwood. Not too far from my home. Please contact me at 832-465-2144 I will recontact you as soon as my first break after work tomorrow. I have proof that they are both mine. "

John K
" Oxwick at Broncroft
Lost Dog - "Dodger"
Got out yesterday, 8-28-18, does not have his collar on but is chipped.
Large male - Husky & Saint Bernard mix, white face with tan and dark brown. One blue eye and one brown eye. Very friendly.
Devastated! Please call 281-787-8415


Summerwood, Houston, TX
" Found male dog around Lake Meredith on Saturday, Aug 25 in the morning. Looks like a young male, black lab mix, possibly with pit bull. Call 919 832 4014 to claim. Will take to shelter if still in my yard this afternoon. "

Kendall Brown
Summerwood ,TX
" LOST Dogs, two miniature schnauzers one black with white tips on face..(Lulu)
Paris - is mixed salt and pepper gray very shy. No collars got out of open fence at 8:10pm 08/05 from 15810 Bryan creek court. Please call or text if you have any information they are my babies ... 409-554-1253 "

Gia Sneed
" Lost Dog!!
Older Tan Basenji , most likely collarless
Please call if found 8633701552

Gia S
" Lost Dog
Tan basenji/spitz mix , medium size. May have black bow tie collar. Please contact me at8633701552 "

giaamari Sneed
" Lost dog!!!!!!
Older medium size basenji/spitz mix
He is tan
No collar
Please call 863-370-1552 or 904-859-5665 "

" Found in Walden on Lake Houston.
Small white/gray female Shih Tzu like dog. She is old and has cataracts. Please contact if yours or you have any information. Thanks
281-844-4467 "

Summerwood, Houston TX
" Found Dog - Beautiful Black & Tan German Shepherd Mix
Found in the Summerwood Neighborhood up against Alexander Deussen Park ~ 10am 07/06/18.  No Chip & a bleeding toenail.  Very Friendly, thirsty, and hungry.  We have boarded this fella at our vet for care and housing since we have cats.  He broke out of our yard immediately.  Vet may not be able to board over night, but does have an interested party in the pup.  713.294.4051 - Leave Message with Name & Phone Number "

Abbrianna Reed
Kingwood, TX
" I was driving in summerwood with a friend and found what appears to be a male black and white Shih tzu mix with a green rope around his neck. He’s sweet and I’m hoping he has a home out there and wasn’t just abandoned. Contact me at (281)706-4412 "

Asia Baskerville
Houston, TX
" **Lost Silver/ Gray Trek Bike**
On 6/27/2018 My 12 year old son's (adult size) Mountain Bike went missing from summer wood Elementary school. If any one has seen it please call 713-402-8720

Elvira Arellano
Houston, TX
" Found a lost small female dog looks like a Chihuahua white and brown patches. "

Molly Rose
Summerwood, Houston
" Small male black puppy, with white on chest.  He's maybe 10#.  713-854-2803.
Sweet and energetic.  We are moving so if nobody calls, he'll have to go to Humane Soc. "

" Lost - white SENIOR dog. 15 pounds.
Picked up by a man from our front lawn (according to mail carrier).
Please call 281-844-4467 to return. She is very old and has kidney disease so eats special KD food. "

Summerwood, TX
" Male dog found near white canyon ln and southern star ln. Appears to be a Belgian Malinois/Shepard mix. Please call 956-543-4459 to claim. "

Gaby Brickhouse
Summerwood, TX
" 6/4/18 - Found a male dog this morning running around near White Canyon Lane and Southern Spring LN. Appears to be a Belgian Malinois/Shepard mix? Call 956-543-4459 to claim. "

Meghan Tears
Summerwood, Tx
" Is anyone missing a large tan dog with white chest. Dog did not have a collar. I could not get close enough to catch. Observed on Parkers cove court 5/30/18. "

Theresa Theberge
13810 Duran Falls Ct. 77044
" Help me find my 2 dogs. They are both dotson mix. One short hair one long hair. They are both tan. Answer to the name Peanut and Hershey. They both have their collars on. Both microchipped. If found call 281-299-6796 "

Sydney W
" Still looking for my white and grey tabby with blue eyes! *HERNIA ON STOMACH* If you have seen her or have her please give me a call. "

Sydney W.
Please help me find my baby!
Appearance-white and grey tabby, bright blue eyes, ***HERNIA ON STOMACH***
Was last seen wearing a white flea collar
Got out by Broncroft and Jessica Falls by the Church and Storage Facility furthest from the Beltway  

" Anyone missing a female dog black long hair small medium size . Roaming at The Park at Atascocita Forest today 4/18/18 "

Houston, TX
" Found small dog in Summerwood on Bentridge Drive. No collar. Roaming the street. To claim, call 832-314-9111 "

Linda Jones
" Has anyone had difficulties with missing mail in Summerwood..I have sent to my daughter, and much has come up missing~~~~~ "

Suziˆ Garrity
" Judi!  So glad I could reunite you with JoJo!!!  
There is a Summerwood Pets FB Page should he ever get out again! "

Houston, TX
" LOST DOG: Male Black & White (and grey) Toy Fox Terrier Mix (Chihuahua).Name is JoJo and he has a collar on with tags. He is very old and frail (17 years) but he is strong and feisty. Please call if you found him and took him in to care for him. Judi 832-259-2179. "

" ***LOST DOG***
Chihuahua gone missing on 3/15/18
She is white/light tan in color. She did not have her collar on at the time she went missing. Please call 713-859-6102 if you see her, thank you. "

Summerwood, TX
" Feb 3/18 - have found a small Terrier on Hammomd Hills Lane in Summerwood (77044); tan and grey, short hair; Please call: 832-818-3005 to claim. Thanks. "

Houston texas
" Someone left black lab on side of road dog locatio on CE king between beltwY8 and deussen park. I seen him there past 2 days now
Can someone help "

Rita grohn
14103 Rock Dove 77044
" We have never found Hulk,a large, long haired, Chesapeake retriever.  He is reddish brown in color and does have a chip.  If seen please call 713-591-5511.  REWARD!!! "

Angie Fleenor
Houston, 77044
" Lost dog on 12/25/17. Yorkie/terrier mix make blonde.  Around 11-12 pounds.  Last known place off of Hunters Lake Way and Hunters Lake Way Ct.  neutered and microchipped.  Pleas call me at 832-416-3444. "

Rita grohn
14103 Rock Dove 77044
" Missing... Large reddish brown long haired Chesapeake retriever  named HULK.  If you have seen, please call 713-591-5511 or 346-312-1690. "

Venessa Khamissi
" Lost drone. Last seen flying behind Teaberry Hill over pathway near the townhomes Christmas Day. Please if you find it in your yard call 281-546-6924 "

Rita Grohn
14103 Rock Dove LN
" forgot to give a phone no.  in case anyone finds or has seen either or both of dogs.  It is 713-591-5511.  A good alternate number is 346-312-1690.  We are also offering a Reward for return.  By now the dogs will have missed two meals, so we are really concerned. Please call anytime. "

DAN Grohn
14103 Rock Dove LN 77704

14103 Rock Dove LN 77704

Judi Moore
Eden Manor Lane
" Thank God my daughter found and caught our huskie and her dog! "

Houston, TX
" 2 small dogs (1 tan terrier, 1 black & brown mix), both female, dug out under fence 12/10/17 in Summerwood and disappeared.  please call 281-889-5156 if found or seen. "

Judi Moore
Eden Manor Lane
" My white huskie and daughters small brown dog got out. She followed them to the resident pool but lost them. A lady told her they were heading toward the Shell station. We're trying to catch them. If you find them call Judi @ 832.259.2179. My huskie is chipped. I'm not sure about my daughters dog. "

valma casayuran
" lost my white/beige japanese chin 7lb small dog in the mountain lane neighborhood..pls contact me 832 3674639 "

Brianna Alewine
" I have a lad mix that I have to give away because I’m moving and can’t keep. He’s about a year and three months. Please email me for more info if interested "

Shareen White
Houston Tx

Wendy N
Houston, TX
" 9/23/17 at approximately 9:40 pm there was a medium size brown dog with glow-in-dark collar on Deussen Pkwy near entrance to Lake Houston park. Could not catch him. "

Courtney P
" I lost my two puppies. One is an ivory colored toy poodle named Teddy! The other one is a small brown and white spotted dog named Spot. Last seen on Golden Bluff near Club Summerwood. Please contact me if found 832-677-1494 "

Gabriel Leyva
Humble, Tx
" We lost 2 children and 1 adult fishing rods the day of the fishing tournament.  Please contact me at 832-865-8735. maroon, light blue and adult maroon browning. "

Gensis Osamorr
" White and Black Nike shoes fell off my car onto west lake Houston near shell
346.813.5782 "

Genesis Osamor
Houston, TX
" Dropped white and black Nike shoes on west lake Houston in summerwood "

Sue Blocker
" Missing long-haired brown tabby cat, Loki. White chin, chest and paws, green eyes. Very shy. Contact Sue by text 425 320-8240 or phone 832 406-7991 "

Jeannie Walker
" Red dachshund with chain collar and tag with name and phone number was lost on 08.24.17 at 7:00PM on walk around Lake Anne across lake from pool.  Please call 281.773.8133.  She has heart mummur and is on heart Rx. "

Katrina Meshell
Houston, tx
" 8/12/2017, Found Brindle, Medium Sized Neutered, Male Dog. Very sweet. Found in 1st Summerwood section on Duessen Pkwy. 218-543-6359 or 281-225-7247 "

Katrina Meshell
Houston, Tx
" 8/12/2018, Found Male, Brindle Medium sized Dog. Neutered. Very sweet. Please contact. 281-543-6359 or281-225-7247. "

Farhiya Osman
" Found a beautiful friendly cat white with a brown tail. Running into our back yard from the nature reserve. Call 8322836108. Ohh it's a male "

" Found tan male dog running along West Lake Houston Pkwy. Smaller in size. Contact 858-964-8630. "

Houston, TX
" Found small kitten 7/16/2017 in the reserve near Southern Magnolia.  White with distinct markings.  Call 713.302.8450. "

Houson, TX
" In Summerwood; Lost Male Maltese (white with tan Spots) Looks like Benji and very new so may not respond to name - also big tanish spot on top back. Please call 713-204-5567 "

Denise Francis
Houston, TX
" Sorry forgot to send contact information for the black male Cane Corso dog. 337-654-8009 or 337-780-7820. Kids are devastated. Reward if found. Thanks in advance for any help. "

Denise Francis
Houston, TX
" My family has lost their large black cane corso dog. "